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Whisky Trip – Distilleerderij de Bronckhorst

Distilling in the Netherlands; from malt wine to whiskyTHE FIRST DUTCH WHISKEY TRIP

Travel4Reasons whiskyreizen

Since the Corona outbreak and the obstacles surrounding traveling abroad, Travel4Reasons has come up with an alternative in the Netherlands: the first Dutch whiskey trip. Owner Marc Tolsma explains how he came about this trip.

Why a Dutch whiskey trip?
Travel4Reasons has been offering themed trips to Great Britain and Ireland for over fifteen years, with whiskey trips being one of the more popular trips. Due to the corona crisis, owner Marc Tolsma saw his turnover completely evaporate. It forced him to think about his offer. ‘Travel to Great Britain came to a standstill during the Corona period. That’s why I decided to look closer to home. To my surprise, a whiskey trip in the Netherlands did not exist until now. And yet there are beautiful distilleries in beautiful surroundings.’

Where is the Dutch whiskey journey heading?
‘I personally made the journey to the various distilleries that have been part of the Dutch whiskey journey from the start: from the National Jenever Museum in Schiedam, De Bronckhorst distillery in Zelhem (Achterhoek) and De IJsvogel grain distillery in Arcen (Limburg) to Sculte distillery. in Ootmarsum and Kalkwijck Distillers in Vroomshoop (both in Twente). Craftsmanship is evident everywhere.

Whiskyreis langs Distilleerderij de Bronckhorst

‘At De Bronckhorst distillery in Zelhem, master distiller Erik Legters teaches you everything about the trade and his circular business vision. Here in the Achterhoek they grow their own grain and work with a beautiful wood-fired still. In addition to whisky, they also distill grain gin and eau de vie from strawberries, pears or other fruits from the local area.’

Where can I find the packages?
Schiedam, Arcen, Zelhem, Vroomshoop and Ootmarsum are characteristic places in beautiful surroundings. You can book a 4-day package, consisting of three overnight stays including breakfast, guided tours including tasting and a ‘whiskey pairing dinner’ to conclude on the last evening. We work together with enthusiastic hoteliers and B&B hosts in all places.
For real enthusiasts, it is possible to combine three different regions in eight days. Schiedam is the starting point, then you have the choice between Arcen and Zelhem and Ootmarsum and Vroomshoop are the end point. You can also book the trips in ‘passe-partout’ form. This means that you choose three separate moments to visit the three destinations. This way you can visit the destinations without taking vacation days and you even have the flexibility to visit each destination with a different group.’